Fruitalyst drives the global commercialisation, marketing and branding of fruit produced by Indigo Fruit Farming owned orchards throughout South Africa, as well as that of partner growers, locally and internationally. It is also a recognised house of brands for such global giants as ClemenGold® premium mandarins, LemonGoldTM seedless lemons, HoneyGold®, NavelGold®, ClemenOrange® and Sweet CTM.

Growing value together

We’re in the business of catalysing fruit – our own and that of partner growers – elevating it from mere fresh produce dependent on usual market forces of supply and demand, to brands preferred by retailers and asked for by name by consumers.

Our business essence: Innovation and strategic thinking, relentless customer focus and enduring relationships form the cornerstones of lasting success and growth for all role-players along the value chain.

Fruitalyst offers its supply and retail partners a product carefully matched to a specific market and its consumers’ needs, while simultaneously contributing to the sustainability of our supply and retail partners.

As the supplier and brand expert of choice, we provide our global customers with consistency in supply and quality, over an extended period and in multiple origins, backed by transparency and traceability. Partnering suppliers and retailers can also rely on innovative marketing campaigns and brand equity with globally recognized world-class brands.

As partner to our ecosystem of like-minded growers, we provide market and customer access around the globe, commercial strategies for competitive and sustainable returns, market intelligence and insights, as well as opportunities to elevate product awareness through cutting-edge marketing campaigns.

For consumers, our brands deliver on the promise of consistent quality you can trust, engagement with real people focusing on adding value in terms of a healthy lifestyle.

For the global citrus industry, we help achieve long-term equitable growth and development and contribute to an enhanced profile of and experience with premium citrus.