Fruitalyst is ideally positioned to match the global growing demand for premium citrus. In the current marketplace success has increasingly more to do with strong branding backed by marketing excellence and the strength of the complete value chain supporting the process. We have in recent years extensively moved beyond the confines of South African borders and spread our wings to become a truly global company with sought-after brands that have secured a place on the world stage of fresh produce marketing.


The ClemenGold® premium mandarin brand has trail-blazed its path to sit proudly on the shelves of retailers in South Africa, Germany, the UK, the Middle East and China, amongst others. The secure supply and retail relationships with clients across the globe rely heavily on the strength of the extended value chain backing our brands, the level of marketing excellence provided, and a major investment in recognisable brands.

On a B2C level, the buying behaviour of the consumer is mainly guided by an established brand identity which fosters trust in the consistency of the quality of the offering. The familiar ClemenGold® teardrop-shaped fruit sticker has become a stamp of quality for shoppers the world over. This reputation has opened the door to other ‘gold’ brands such as NavelGold® (premium navels) and HoneyGold® mandarins.


Seedless lemons, branded as LemonGold®, have found a sweet spot in various global markets at premium retailers where the seedlessness of the product addresses culinary frustrations experienced by chefs, home-cooks, health enthusiasts, mixologists and lovers of all things lemony. The seedless lemon has been described as the holy grail of the lemon industry. The global trend highlighting the health aspects of making lemons a part of daily life, has put the spotlight on this zesty fruit that brings flavour to almost any dish – sometimes termed ‘the new salt’.

Like with their other brands, the LemonGold® marketing approach brings together like-minded growers planting the cultivar in different parts of the world, with the aim of creating a constant supply of predictable quality fruit for consumers to depend on.

Sweet C

The Sweet C® mandarin large volume brand has gained popularity in countries such as Africa, India, Bangladesh, Russia and China. It’s bold and bright brand personality lends itself to eye-catching executions on a variety of marketing channels.

Other brands

Other brands managed by Fruitalyst include
ClemenOrange® and ClemenGold GinTM.