The growth set in motion by the ClemenGold® mandarin brand has culminated in the establishment of a collaborative ecosystem of role players contributing to and benefitting from the creation of a global market for branded premium soft citrus. Together with selected growers in South Africa, Morocco, and Spain, supported by state-of-the-art packing facilities and export partners, we have succeeded in securing extended shelf space for branded fruit with a high-quality specification.

We connect quality products from our own and partner growers with selected global customers, supported by creative marketing campaigns to entice the consumer. We work with leading companies in cultivar management and technical services to delight consumers with premium products produced optimally, backed with ease of doing business and great service, thereby furthering our brand promise.

We see the benefits of being part of the Fruitalyst collective platform of growers and receiving clients as:

  • We bring together like-minded growers, working collaboratively to gain traction in the marketplace with their products.
  • We extended supply windows and on-shelf presence through the availability of significant volumes from different production regions in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres over a wider range of weeks – in some cases, close to 12 months.
  • Our access to a range of products in terms of cultivar, quality, size and taste attributes, allows us the flexibility to position products ideally according to customer and market needs, and develop new markets through a long-term approach.
  • Investing in the establishment and growth of credible customer facing brands that are recognised by consumers, creates value and leverage for the market or retail client
  • Supply risks related to area-specific natural disasters like hail and droughts, or phytosanitary issues are better managed to the benefit of all players, and this offers both growers and customers risk mitigation should these events occur in any one production area.
  • Additional benefits include
    • Consolidation of costs, through aggregating volumes with exporters
    • Branded volumes and marketing activity in retailers and wholesale
    • Improved access to logistics, shipping and cold room facilities through export partners
Partner grower regions in South Africa and beyond